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Zack Martin Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 6.4
BlueSoleil is a bluetooth software and driver! It is the default bluetooth software for many PC bluetooth hardwares. Generally, the blurtooth devices come with a driver cd where you have this program.

BlueSoleil BlueSoleil 6.4's default view is the "Bluetooth Places" which is like the Nokia PCSuite's Windows Explorer extension.
"Search Devices" icon can be run for finding bluetooth devices. that are visible. Icons for various bluetooth hardware like mobile phone is present; wihch has been previously connected. One problem with this is that it can be quite slow and unresponsive at times. But that is just an occasional problem and only happens if the device itself hangs or is not available, hidden, etc.

The "classic view" is the old style view of BlueSoleil which shows a solar system like figure with the computer at the center and all other devices around it. We can select different devices and transfer files, and do other operations.

Bluetooth networking can be used for creating a wireless networking at the range of the bluetooth device (about 10 to 100 metres). But the speed is not good (Bluetooth is not a faster way to transfer large files).

Bluetooth Object Push enables users to exchange cards with a mobile phone or send files to a mobile phone.

It supports many other programs like the Nokia PC Suite, etc. Because it acts also as a driver. While running PCSuite, the program automatically starts.

After installing the program, sometimes, it may show that "5 MB data only". It is because, the program is a shareware. Either you need to buy the software or your bluetooth device should be officially supported by them.


  • Automatic connection.
  • Automatic searching for devices.
  • Supports many devices.
  • Bluetooth networking.
  • Bluetooth serial port.
  • Bluetooth file transfer.
  • Bluetooth Object Push
  • Supports Nokia PC Suite, other softwares.


  • Program hangs frequently.

What's new in version 8.0

Support to dynamic assign Bluetooth address.
Optimize OBEX transfer process, if the name of file is too long that may cause the file cannot transfer.
Optimize HID connection process, fixed the problem that connecting HID pop-up the dialog box of restarting OS.
Optimize DUN connection process.
Fixed bug: Dialog characters show in garbled when list contacts and SMS.
Fixed bug: Cannot support UTF8 format when sync with Outlook.
Fixed bug: Connection/broken chains of events tip that do not support multi-languages.
Fixed bug: Dialog characters show in garbled when headset re-connect with BlueSoleil. .
Fixed bug: FTP/OPP transfer file refresh too fast, leading to high CPU utilization.
Fixed bug: FTP folder attributes and file name is show in garbled.
Fixed bug: Remove Bluetooth hardware in high-speed transmission process, cause BlueSoleil hang-up.
Fixed bug: BPP cannot support multi-language documents.
Fixed bug: BPP client print status cannot support multi-language.
Fixed bug: Sometimes BPP server Preview or Save AS dialog cannot pop up.
The following significant changes have been made to BlueSoleil8.0.359.0 Release since it is

Publisher's description

Bluesoleil is a program capable of integrating a diverse array of Bluetooth enabled digital devices, such as mobile phones, headsets, printers or keyboards. You can view and manage your contacts in your mobile phone from computer and backup your contacts wirelessly.

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    good connectivity and quite fast

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    please remove java from my system.and put it back cos i lost some the file it need to be remove restall